Godolphin Christmas Lights 2017

Cornwall Live Article
November 25, 2017
The Village now has a Defibrillator
January 7, 2018

Over Christmas did you manage to walk around Godolphin village to look at the lights? A lot of time was put in to make sure the lights were safe and working (you’d be surprised how many of them there are!).

Everything takes time and money to upkeep. Here is the official statement updating you on what we’ve been doing...and future plans:

GCCA has been running the Christmas lights for 2 years and the focus has once again been on ensuring that the lights are safe and compliant with the current regulations. This year we managed:-

  • to ‘bring back into service’ the jack in the box’ and the ‘smoking train’ following a significant re-work as well as changing a faulty sequencing relay on the train controller and fitting new plugs with the correct size fuses.
  • all “chocolate box” blocks used to connect lengths of cable have been replaced with waterproof connectors and earths have been re-instated.
  • ALL lights now have an earth connection and RCDs (Residual Current Devices) on the main fuse box and adding external earths on larger frames.
  • we have also purchased Residual Current Devices (RCDs) which plug into the mains socket and which trip before any house powering the lights RCD trips, giving added safety whilst preventing nuisance trips of power.

We have also introduced a couple of new lights including a programmable ‘LED net’ and Bluetooth controlled LED Christmas tree lights as well as a number of digital timers to replace the inaccurate mechanical types.

The emphasis for the coming year will be to continue to repair and re-introduce existing rope lights where they can be brought up to the prevailing electrical safety regulations. .

We have some exciting long term plans to introduce state of the art interactive lighting effects, which will require careful planning and take some time to bring to fruition!!


Lastly, we were very short of helpers this year, however, thanks go out to those that helped repair/install the Christmas lights, and to those who weren’t able to climb ladders and help with the ‘rigging’ but who never-the-less gave plenty of moral support to the other members of the team.

If you want to get involved with the lights, or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the GCCA