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The Old Chapel, Godolphin

GCCA have purchased the premises and holds them on trust for the residents of the village. 

We rely on this building as our community hub, and it is the heart of our village. 

The former Chapel building is used by the community for a range of events such as the Scouts, Local Youth Group, coffee mornings, lunch events, gardening club, evening talks and many other activities.

The building needs a lot of work to bring it up to scratch so we can continue using it.  This will be things like roof repairs, providing access for the disabled and a new kitchen! The costs add up!

Currently a main charity aim is to raise funds to renovate the former Chapel building in Godolphin Cross.

We now need to raise over £350,000 towards renovations.  We have already received some very generous help locally, nationally and even internationally, but there is a lot more work ahead.

Please help us out by donating so we can keep this little community in Cornwall alive. This can be done by using the BTMyDonate button on this website.

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