The Old Chapel

Update on The Old Chapel, Godolphin Cross

As you will be aware work started this week to install new disabled accessible toilets, modern drains and a “green” heating system in the Chapel. The work will cost £250,000 and will be completed by Symonds Builders from St. Ives who were the company that did such a good job on updating and refurbishing the actual Chapel space last year.  

The work will take another 12 weeks to complete and given that the parts of the building we are working on are over 170 years old we have a difficult job to do not least because of the very tight “footprint” that the Chapel stands on, close to a number of neighbours (myself included).

We have also had to take into account the risks of Covid 19 and Symonds have issued specific risk assessments and instructions to their staff about safer working and contact with other people. These assessments are available on request.  

Godolphin Cross Community Association apologises unreservedly for the noise and disruption caused this week but this will lessen considerably now that we have almost completed the demolition phase of the work. GCCA appreciates your patience and forbearance on this matter and we hope that the finished job will be enjoyed by you all especially those with specific needs and those of us getting a little longer in the tooth!

If you have any queries or concerns regarding this work please contact me in any of the following ways Email:, Phone: 07479 969334, call in or write, I live in The Old Forge right next door to the Chapel itself. Please do contact me for any matter which you think relevant.

Thanks all.

Richard Mckie Chairman

Following a strong, locally supported fundraising campaign, the GCCA purchased the old Methodist chapel in November 2017

The chapel had become the very last space in the community where villagers of different ages could meet together for social, educational and recreational purposes. Since the purchase, we have made significant progress in securing it's future with various community groups now using the space.

Phase 1, renovating the large hall is completed. Phase 2 to create accessable toilets is about start.

Community Groups that use The Old Chapel

Carn to Cove

Various concerts throughout the year

Community Association

Various meetings in the chapel.


Godolphin Women's Institute.

Post Office

Community outreach Post Office


Gardening Group

For green-fingered residents.


What's on Wednesday community lunches.

Why do we need a vibrant community hub?

We have consulted with, and spoken to, the local community on many occasions. In May 2013, before we set up the GCCA, we held a drop in consultation called “The Big Conversation”, and were able to understand what the real wishes of the community were; they included youth provision, a shop, arts and crafts activities and in general activities that all ages could attend

The GCCA committee (The Board of Trustees) is comprised of local people, who all either use the Chapel currently on a weekly basis, or who have family members and neighbours that do; the memory of how much better village life was when we had shops, a library service and a strong sense of community keeps people focused on what we need and what we want to achieve.

The future of the space

Aside from securing the future for existing groups and functions, we also plan to provide a multi use facility for the village.This would include regular school use, including PE, concerts and other events, to help them with their lack of space, a community café and cultural services for tourists and, ultimately, retail services, hopefully including a shop, pop up bars and entertainment.

Services will be delivered in a variety of ways, as they are now, predominantly by local volunteers (coffee morning, WI, Gardening club, occasional events,) but also bringing into play paid staff with professional expertise to run better quality and more frequent provision in the youth and arts & drama areas specifically.

The Old Chapel update

January 2019 brought about the start of the transformation of the large hall turning it from a room suited for formal meetings into a first class multi-purpose venue. The groups which had been continuing in the confined space of the rear hall quickly moved gratefully into our new facility. The renewed hall re-opened 27th April exactly 85 years after it had originally opened as a Methodist Chapel so continuing to provide a community space now made relevant to the our current needs.

We were assisted in this project by a grant from EAFRD (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development), administered by Cornwall Council through the Cornwall Develpment Company through the Leader programme and West Cornwall Local Action Group.